Expert Jury Consultant “Handpicks” Dialsmith for Dial Testing Mock Juries


Here’s our next installment of, “Perception Analyzer Around the World,” the series where we highlight innovative use cases of our Perception Analyzer dials. This time, we follow the dials into the field of litigation consulting.


Laurie Kuslansky, Ph.D., Expert Jury Consultant

New York, NY

With 32 years of experience supporting civil and criminal litigation, Dr. Laurie Kuslansky is a highly regarded jury consultant and key partner to litigation teams of many Fortune 500 companies.

After many years as a jury consultant with DecisionQuest, Forensic Technologies, Inc. and TrialGraphix, Laurie ventured out on her own earlier this year. Laurie’s a savvy jury consultant who’s able to expertly mesh technology and methodology to secure critical research results that help inform and guide her clients’ litigation strategies.

A key part of her methodology, Perception Analyzer dials allow Laurie to gather instantaneous, discreet feedback from mock jurors. The dial data allows her to understand how panel members will react to evidence, issues and case themes during trial. The instantaneous feedback from the dials helps Laurie and her clients drive deeper discussions with mock jurors to pinpoint the impact of specific testimony or remarks. “Decision-making is ongoing in litigation and having a mock jury equipped with dials means that I can get answers to the important questions my clients are asking in real-time.”

When it came to finding someone to handle the dial testing service, Laurie had several directions she could go, including purchasing her own dial system and bringing it in-house. “When I went out on my own, I decided that anything that I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied with from my previous experiences, I was going to re-assess and see if there were better options out there. I’ve had some experience with companies trying to handle the dial testing in-house and it was a migraine and added unnecessary cost to clients rather than saving money.”

“So, I put a request out for a dial group vendor and Dialsmith rose to the top with their responsiveness, attention-to-detail and smarts. I like that they are the developers of the Perception Analyzer technology and therefore, have the most experienced staff and I’m confident that they’re using the latest and greatest systems. I’ve since worked with Dialsmith on several projects and the process has been seamless and worry-free. What impresses me is that they don’t act like a vendor. They act like they have a stake in my client’s success and my success. They’ve become an integral part of my hand-picked team, which only includes the best in breed.”