Meet The Team GP Edition: David Paull

Meet the Team - David Paull
A while back, we introduced you to members of our Dialsmith team through our Meet the Team blog series where we posted entertaining (yes, and sometimes embarrassing) factoids about some of the folks that make Dialsmith a fun place to work. Now, we’re taking this relationship a step further by exposing the guilty pleasures of each of our crew. Next up, the “Big Kahuna” (not even he gets a pass on this): Dialsmith Founder & CEO David Paull.

So, David – What’s your GUILTY PLEASURE…

FOOD: French fries (you’d better keep an eye on yours)

french fries Flickr

DESSERT: Bananas Foster (bananas, butter, brown sugar, booze…yes, please!)

Bananas Foster Flickr

DRINK: Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino (just so good)

Starbucks java chip frap

TV SHOW: Million Dollar Listing New York (I know I’m gonna regret sharing that)

Million Dollar Listing New York

GENERAL TIME-WASTER: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami… (uh-oh)

Hey, thanks for the insights! That wasn’t too scary now, right David? David? Must be out making another S-Bux run.

Up next, Dialsmith’s Marketing Manager (aka “Me”).

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Fries image: Flickr sarah95m, Bananas Foster image: Flickr Jesse Friedman, Starbucks image: Starbucks Order Tumblr, Million Dollar Listing New York logo: Bravo, Million Dollar image: Flickr Maks Brankovic