New Demos for Perception Analyzer Online



About a year ago, we launched Perception Analyzer Online, our online answer to the Moment-to-Moment rating of media that was previously only available offline through our Perception Analyzer dial system. Combined with the Moment-to-Moment rating capability, PA Online also offers a full range of traditional survey question formats including many graphical and interactive formats. So, pretty much any survey question format you want, including Moment-to-Moment, is do-able with PA Online. It’s a powerful and effective survey tool that allows for quantitative media evaluation while reaching a larger and more regionally diverse audience. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.

We’ve just launched two new online demos that give you a closer look at the tool inside and out.

The PA Online Overview Demo provides a quick, 5-minute tour of tool including a sampling of survey question formats and the Moment-to-Moment rating element as well as a peek at the Reporting Portal and the different ways survey data can be viewed and exported.

Once you’ve checked out the Overview Demo, you can take the next step by walking through the PA Online Respondent Demo. This short demo gives you a good feel for what the respondent experience is like. You’ll be able to interact with a variety of the tool’s survey question formats including the Moment-to-Moment rating of a video.

Give these demos a look and then feel free to contact our online product manager, Aaron Korach (aaron@dialsmith.com), who will be happy to chat with you about how PA Online can fit your research needs.