Dialsmith Scores Big at X Games Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu)

X Games Brazil

Did you know that Dialsmith is behind the ground-breaking, real-time ISX Scoring system used this past week at the Street
League Skateboarding competition at X Games Brazil? 

Well, even we had to admit it’s pretty cool that the same technology used by market researchers to test Super Bowl ads
and by CNN for voter polling during the presidential debates is also being used by the world’s premier action sports competition to tally scores for a nollie hardflip noseslide.

X Games Brazil

ISX maestro Dan Welch at the controls.


The first ever Street League at X Games kicked off last week in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. The event featured all the top pros including Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodrigues, Sean Malto, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole and Eric Koston. Also included were several Brazilian competitors including local favorite Luan Oliveira. In all, 21 skateboarders competed in the preliminaries with the top 8 making it to the finals.

The ISX Scoring system determined the top scorers from several competitive formats including the Flow section which gives competitors a timed, open run on the entire course to put together their combination of tricks, and the Impact and Control sections which rewards competitors for the best trick or the best group of tricks.  


X Games Brazil

Street League creator Rob Dyrdek, and pros Torey Pudwill and Chaz Ortiz, strategize over the ISX Scoring stats screen.


Some highlights included:

Hometown hero, Luan Oliveira, thrilling the crowd by scoring a 9.7 (out of 10) in the Control section.

US skater Manny Santiago winning the first-ever SLS Select Series event, also determined by ISX Scoring, and getting to compete in X Games Prelim round the following day.

Tony Hawk and Brandon Graham nailing it with their TV announcing, which was enhanced by the ISX Scoring Stats Book provided to them in advance of the event.

Going into the games, the weather, and in particular, the heat was a concern. But the conditions, like our hosts, were extremely gracious with temps in the 80’s and sunny every day.

The ISX team toasted a great event with a few Caprianias and are now already hard at work prepping for the next Street League at X Games event in Barcelona in just 3 weeks. Tchau for now!

For photos and updates from the ISX team at the Street League World Tour and X Games, check out the ISX Facebook page.