New Field Guide for Perception Analyzer System Owners

The number one tech support question we get from new Perception Analyzer system owners is around how to properly configure external displays in PACollect. In an effort to proactively address these questions and facilitate proper display configuration, our support team has created a helpful offline tool we’re calling The Perception Analyzer Field Guide.

Check out this preview. (click each to enlarge)

In addition to the configuration worksheet, this one-pager also includes keyboard shortcuts, step-by-step Moment-to-Moment Collection instructions and a helpful set-up diagram — all handy resources to have at your side when you’re out in the field. We’ve even laminated the sheet so you can bring it with you on every project.

This guide will be included in the take home information for all of our system trainings moving forward. But if you’re already a system owner and want your own copy, just email us at support@dialsmith.com and we’ll be happy to send you one.