Will ISX Scoring Power Street League Skateboarding’s Olympic Dreams?



For fans of professional skateboarding, Street League Skateboarding is as big as it gets. Big stars, big tricks, big sponsors and big prize money. But if Street League has its way, it might not be the biggest show in town anymore — at least not once every four years.

As Street League wraps up another successful season — it’s fifth — its popularity and fanbase continues to blossom and so has the momentum behind street skateboarding and the Street League format becoming an Olympic event. As Street League Pro Chris Cole explains in the WSJ Live video below, one of the main reasons street skateboarding and the Street League format is poised for Olympic competition is that SLS and ISX Scoring have “cracked the code” in how tricks and competitions are scored and presented, making skateboarding more popular to mainstream audiences.

ISX Scoring, built on Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer technology, is a partnership between Dialsmith, Media X International’s Paul Taublieb and Street League founder Rob Dyrdek. The system enables instant scoring and display of results for tricks, runs and competitions, so skaters, judges and fans all get up-to-the-second results whether they are on course, at the scorer’s table, in the arena or watching at home.

Check out what Cole had to say about Street League’s Olympic dreams and keep an ear out for more news and updates on this topic.