Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Online and Invoke Live Examine How Millennials are Getting their News



Earlier this month, Dialsmith participated in a live online research event as part of Invoke Solutions’ Xperience Invoke Live Event series. The event gives attendees the ability to observe live studies being conducted in real-time on the Invoke Live platform on timely topics of interest. The research topic for our live event was, “How are Millennials Getting Their News,” which examined and compared how Millennials perceive and trust traditional-, social- and entertainment-based news sources.

(If you’re bummed you missed it, you can watch a recorded version of the event here.)

Our role in the event was to integrate Perception Analyzer Online’s Moment-to-Moment dial testing with Invoke Live’s Large Scale Focus Groups to gauge in-the-moment reactions to a series of short news clips. We worked with a test group of 153 Millenials with varying political affiliation and backgrounds.

Through the dial testing, we were able to gauge respondents’ levels of interest, moment-to-moment as they watched each news clip and subset results based on various demographic data collected through the Invoke Live platform. Interesting patterns and trends formed in the moment-to-moment data that helped support the findings in the final report, as you can see for yourself below.