Dialsmith and Invoke to host Xperience Invoke Live Event (Aug 6)

We’re excited to announce a live online research event we’re presenting in partnership with Invoke Solutions on Wed, Aug 6th. The event, the latest in the Xperience Invoke Live Event series, will explore the topic, “Where are Millennials Getting Their News?” using Invoke Live’s Large Scale Focus Groups and Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Online Moment-to-Moment dial testing.

Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Online (PA Online) is a full-featured and fully managed survey service, but we have a growing list of clients/technology partners who we work with solely to integrate PA Online’s moment-to-moment media testing element into their online research and survey platforms. Invoke Solutions is one such client and we’ve had remarkably good success delivering a combined and virtually seamless solution to Invoke’s clients.

Now, as part of the Xperience Invoke Live series, Invoke and Dialsmith are teaming up to showcase the synergy of these combined technologies with a LIVE Research Event.

Xperience Invoke Series presents:
Where are Millenials Getting Their News?