“OMG… My Ass is on Fire!”


Okay, we’re breaking new ground here with the Dialsmith Blog. This marks the first time we’ve ever used texting slang in a blog post title. Also, believe it or not, the first time we’ve ever made reference to someone saying their ass is on fire. If you think there must be a good story behind all this, you’re right.

This past week, the VH1 reality show Tough Love aired an episode featuring Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer. Earlier this year, our team was down in LA to record the show. During the pre-production, we learned that the show producers had an idea in mind to turn the heat up on their contestants. The producers used focus groups equipped with Perception Analyzer dials to rate how contestants performed during a blind date. The overall mean ratings from the focus groups were displayed in real-time on the “RATE the DATE” meter visible to both the focus group and to viewers. The contestants being rated couldn’t see the meter but we’re pretty sure each had a good “feeling” for how they were being rated. You see, each competitor during the blind date was literally put on the hot seat. The worse they were rated by the focus group, the hotter their seat became. No joke!

Check out the episode for yourself — the focus group segment begins around the 19 minute mark. We don’t want to spoil the ending but we do want to assure you that no tushies were overly toasted in the making of this episode.