Outdoor Industry Association Debuts Perception Analyzer® by Dialsmith to its Members at Debate Watch Party


Happy Presidential Debate Day everyone! In a new recurring blog segment, I’m calling, “Perception Analyzer around the World.” I’ll be featuring clients who are using our Perception Analyzer (PA) dials in new and/or interesting ways. My goal with these segments is to shed some light on the great work our clients are doing in incorporating innovative uses of our dials and technology.

With the clock ticking towards tonight’s first presidential debate, we’ve selected a very timely project to kick off our series…

Client: Outdoor Industry

Located: Based in Boulder, Colo., with offices in
Washington, D.C.

Description: Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is
the leading trade association for the outdoor industry and the title sponsor of
Outdoor Retailer.
OIA supports the growth and success of more than 4,000 manufacturers,
distributors, suppliers, sales representatives, and retailers of outdoor
recreation apparel, footwear, equipment and services.

Background: OIA hosts an annual event for the outdoor industry called Rendezvous. The 2012 event begins
tonight and runs through October 5th. Since the kick-off dinner
for the event falls on the same evening as tonight’s presidential debate (Oct 3rd), OIA organizers decided to capitalize on the happenstance and throw a Debate
Watch Party for its members following the dinner. OIA will be using this
opportunity to learn more about what policy issues its members care about while educating members on what issues are important to the OIA.

OIA organizers called on
Dialsmith to add some excitement to the Watch Party by using Perception
Analyzer dials to create an interactive experience for its members. “Our
industry is still fairly young so our goal is to raise the political acumen of
our membership,” said I Ling Thompson, Vice President, Communications for
OIA. “Using the Perception Analyzer dials allows us to create a unique and
engaging event for our members while, at the same time, giving us the ability
to understand where our members stand on key issues that impact the outdoor
recreation economy leading up to November 2nd.”