Perception Analyzer Passes the Test with Preschoolers

Dialsmith has traveled around the country, guest-lecturing and presenting our interactive Root Beer Challenge as a way of introducting the Perception Analyzer dials and its different research applications to marketing, business and communications students on a number of university campuses. But today was truly a unique experience as I had the pleasure of presenting the dials to students in my son’s preschool class as part of his class’ “Career Month” activities.

As every parent knows 3- and 4-year-olds tend to have very strong opinions (especially when it comes to things like their bedtime and when they should be able to use their Dad’s iPad) so I figured what better way to get across to these kids what we do here at Dialsmith then to give them the chance to offer their opinions using the Perception Analyzer dials. And wouldn’t you know it, our preschool panelists really got into it. Our panelist used the dials to respond to questions about their eating habits (Did they like pizza or hot dogs better?), color preferences (Did they like the color blue or the color red better?) and even provided some key demographic information (Boy or girl? Do they have a brother and/or sister?) and most importantly, what is their opinion of their classroom experience (Do they like coming to school?)

While I can’t report on all the results from our pint-sized panel, I do have some good news and bad news to share. On the good news front, I’m happy to report that our preschoolers predominantly dig their classroom experience as 5 out of our 7 panelists dialed that they like coming to school. Of course, on the bad news front, one of the two that didn’t was my son.