Everything You Need to Know About Our Super Bowl Ad Ratings in 10 Bullets!


There’s probably a few of you who are interested enough and have the time to read through pages of reporting and watch a multitude of videos with analysis of the results from our Super Bowl ad ratings (if this is you, please feel free to skip down to the last bullet in our list). For the rest of you, we’ve saved you the time and condensed all of our analysis and reporting down to 10 bullets.

Here we go:

  • We collected more than 33,000 unique ratings — the most of any Super Bowl ad ratings
  • We partnered with Portland, Ore NBC Affiliate KGW NewsChannel 8 plus eight of its partner stations to cover markets around the country including Houston, Charlotte, Louisville, New Orleans and Boise
  • Top 3 rated ads based on avg mean score: #1 Budweiser “A Hero’s Welcome” (71); #2 Budweiser “Puppy Love” (69) and #3 RadioShack “The 80’s Called” (67)
  • Lowest rated ad was CarMax’s “Slow Clap” (47); close second was GoDaddy “Bodybuilder” (49)
  • “Super Second” (highest rated second from all the ads) was from Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” ad when the soldier is reunited with his mother; peak second score was a 78.44
  • “Stinky Second” was from the CarMax ad when Rudy (aka Sean Astin) made a cameo; bottom score was a 45.08
  • Automobile advertisers ruled the day as far as sheer number of ads were concerned; our top 3 were Honda’s “Hugfest” (61); Toyota’s Muppetfest “No Room for Boring” (59); and Audi’s “Doberhuahua” (57)
  • In the battle of the carbonated beverages, Coke’s “Going All the Way” (57) topped both Pepsi’s “Halftime Intro” (55) and SodaStream’s “Sorry Coke and Pepsi” (51)
  • Some of the top ranked ads by city include: RadioShack “The ’80’s Called” (Portland); Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” (Houston); and Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” (Charlotte and Boise)