Slidermetrix For All!



We here at Dialsmith are excited to announce that we’ve hit an exciting milestone today for Slidermetrix. After closing a successful Beta testing period, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of Slidermetrix. We’ve spent the last 12 months putting Slidermetrix through a rigorous test drive and we’ve seen great results and received valuable feedback from our testers.

How does Slidermetrix work?

Earlier this year, we worked with a group of Gannett-owned media stations from markets across the US to do online ratings of the Super Bowl ads. The ad ratings feature was hosted on the participating stations’ websites and powered by Slidermetrix.  We collected almost 35,000 unique ratings and provided reporting based off of Slidermetrix’s ability to collect second-by-second feedback by viewers (read the final Slidermetrix 2014 Super Bowl ad ratings report). Even more impressive was the visitor engagement metrics that Slidermetrix drove for the participating station websites. The stations reported that visitor time on site for the Slidermetrix feature doubled the average time on site for other pages, which speaks directly to Slidermetrix’s ability to drive visitor engagement.

Another interesting Beta involved HSN (formerly Home Shopping Network). HSN used Slidermetrix to engage with and solicit feedback from their online Insider Community. HSN embedded the Slidermetrix videos, showing clips of recorded segments of HSN’s television programming, within its Insider Community environment and asks Community members to watch and continuously rate different aspects of its programming, including how much they like/dislike the hosts, the on-screen graphics, or the show’s format.

Elizabeth Merrick, HSN’s Senior Manager, Customer Insight’s noted, “Our HSN Insider Community has a wide range of engagement tools, but I was missing a way to measure some of our key research questions in a way true to the community’s collaborative and transparent DNA. Our business is highly driven by TV, so I had a bevy of TV-related questions.  I couldn’t just ask my Insiders to passively watch a video and then give feedback; I wanted an option that would engage them in a unique way and allow them to feel like they were all watching together as a community. Slidermetrix is the only tool I know of that can do that.”

Merrick was also pleased with the engagement metrics driven by Slidermetrix. “Any week we had a Slidermetrix activity, we saw the average time spent on the page increase by a double digit percentage. This was impressive, considering the significant time our Insiders were already spending on the site. At HSN, we are very aware that we offer interactions, not just transactions, so seeing our customers spend more time with us is absolutely delightful. We’ll be continuing to use Slidermetrix with our upcoming HSN Insider programs throughout the year.”

Is Slidermetrix the right tool for you to reach, engage and collect valuable second-by-second feedback from your visitors, viewers or consumers as it has been for HSN and the Gannett stations? Want to inquire about a Slidermetrix subscription for your business? Slidermetrix is open for business so let’s chat.