[Watch It On-Demand] Vision Critical and Dialsmith Discuss New Online MRX Approach/Tools



Earlier this week, we wrapped an awesome Webinar, featuring our Manager of Online Products Aaron Korach and Vision Critical’s Executive Vice President of Media & Entertainment Aaron Paquette. The two co-presenters detailed a new approach to testing online media that’s quickly gaining traction with clients interested in testing any form of media online. The approach leverages Vision Critical’s Viewer Insights Community and Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Online.

Aaron K and Aaron P detailed how the tools are integrated in this new approach and showcased some real-world results from a media client that successfully used this approach to gather deeper, more meaningful feedback in half the time and cost of traditional offline methods. Great stuff for any researcher looking to expand their online toolkit and meet today’s time- and budget-constrained environment.

Don’t kick yourself if you missed the Webinar as we recorded the session for folks just like you. You can view the “On-Demand” version of the Webinar at your convenience here:

Expanding Your Online Toolkit featuring Vision Critical & Dialsmith (view recording)

Here’s what you’ll get out of viewing the Webinar:

  • Understand how this new online approach works and what it can deliver
  • Hear about the results this approach is delivering for a Vision Critical client and how it met their research objectives
  • Get best practice advice for optimizing this approach and the use of these technologies
  • Get your questions answered to help you formulate how your research can benefit from this new approach

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