Swing Voter Project: A Tale of Two Convention Speeches

Dialsmith is working in partnership with Engagious and the Schlesinger to conduct a series of monthly swing voter focus groups in key battleground districts across the Upper Midwest and Florida.

In our most recent focus groups, conducted virtually with swing voters from Wisconsin, we asked our participants to dial test the convention speeches given by Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley, and here’s what we found out…

Both speakers received good marks but Haley scored better

On a scale of zero to 100 with zero indicating “Totally Disagree” and 100 indicating “Totally Agree,” Harris’ speech received an average mean score of 64.5 . Haley did even better, receiving a score of 77.5.

Haley’s “every life matters” message resonated with these swing voters. 

She hit a high point calling out the Democrats for turning a blind eye to the riots.

Watch the Haley clip with the dial testing results:

Harris’ argument, tying “structural racism” to the suffering and deaths of black, Latino, and indigenous people from the coronavirus missed the mark.

But Harris’ “There’s no vaccine for racism” line was a winner.

Watch the Harris clip with the dial testing results:

You can download the latest Swing Voter Project summary report and view more clips from the groups by visiting the Swing Voter Project landing page.