Back-To-School Messaging: How Parents Feel About Conditions For Returning to School

Back-To-School Messaging is a Mixed Bag for These Parents

As part of the ongoing “Back-to-Normal Barometer” tracking study, we crafted and dial tested back-to-school messaging to gauge how parents would react.

We tested the video below featuring someone playing the role of a school superintendent communicating a message about students going back to school. We had a group of parents (mix of males and females) of K-12 students view and rate the video using our online dial testing tools. For purposes of the study, the moderator instructed the respondents to imagine this message is from their superintendent sent out to all parents, and to rate the message moment-by-moment on a scale of 0 (Totally Dislike) to 100 (Totally Like).

The biggest surprise came when discussing the need for children to wear masks. There was a big difference between men and women on this issue. Mothers were much less supportive of kids wearing masks throughout the whole day.

This video fed the findings of wave #8 of our ongoing “Back to Normal Barometer” tracking study. Dialsmith is the technical partner, which we are conducting in conjunction with Engagious, ROKK Solutions and Sports And Leisure Research Group). For more information on the study, go to www.backtonormalbarometer.com.