Dial Testing for Litigation Research and Mock Juries

Dial testing is priceless… it allows us to revise arguments and presentations on-the-fly so we can present multiple revisions to the mock jury all in one session.

Dr. Lara Giese, Advanced Trial Sciences


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Dialsmith has been helping litigation consultants and attorneys test and refine legal arguments and presentations for more than a decade. As the worldwide developers and service providers for the Perception Analyzer dial testing system, we provide unmatched technical knowledge and expertise to ensure your dial testing session delivers a win for you and your clients, and runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. We also offer online dial testing and survey tools for quick turnarounds and larger test groups.

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Dial Testing Services


Dial testing gives you access to real-time data that tells you what your audience is thinking and feeling in-the-moment. Tapping into these experiences as they happen uncovers critical “moments of truth” that drive deeper, more focused qualitative discussions and impactful results. Dialsmith provides best-in-industry dial testing services to researchers across various industries: media and entertainment, marketing and advertising, political and public policy, litigation, CPG and more.

Dial Testing Products


Dialsmith develops, sells and supports the best-in-industry dial testing solutions for in-person (focus groups and live events) and online research (surveys, focus groups and communities).  We also provide a full range of consulting services for both in-person and online dial testing focus groups.

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Demo: Online Dial Testing


Want to get a good feel for what our online dial testing tools can do? Check out this demo and see how a respondent would experience and interact with a moment-to-moment evaluation exercise.

Podcast: Lara Giese, Applying Storytelling and Audience Engagement Techniques in the Courtroom


The art and science of influence and persuasion is on no greater display than in a courtroom. In this episode of the Engagious Podcast, we talk with veteran trial consultant, jury researcher and licensed psychologist, Dr. Lara Giese. Working on hundreds of high-profile and high-value court cases over the past 20 years, Dr. Giese knows a thing or two about developing, testing and refining legal arguments and presentations to ensure they resonate and engage an audience.

Case Study: Dial Testing Helps Trial Consultant Overcome Assumptions and Deliver Hard Truths


For more than 30 years, Dr. Laurie Kuslansky has been assisting her civil and criminal litigation clients develop strategies, refine arguments and presentations, and make well-informed pre-trial decisions. In that time, she’s conducted approximately 500 mock trials and dial testing has played a critical role in gathering the insights and pre-trial intel her clients need.

Webinar (On-Demand): Re-Thinking the Focus Group


Moment-to-Moment research—the method of gathering and analyzing continuous audience feedback—is relied upon by researchers across a range of industries to understand how their audiences feel in-the-moment about what they’re seeing, hearing and experiencing.

We’ve gathered a trio of seasoned experts who have revealing stories to tell regarding their use of Moment-to-Moment and how it has impacted (and will impact) projects past, present and future. Join us as they share their insights, compare notes and respond to your questions about their experiences using this methodology.

Free eBook: Essentials of Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook


This Playbook provides practical, field-tested advice, tips and insights from researchers who have been using the Moment-to-Moment methodology in their own consulting projects for years. It’s written as a helpful and easily reference-able resource to help the research community get the most out of the methodology and to address some of the most common questions we hear from clients.

Special Series: How Dial Testing Can Mitigate Flawed Recall & Memory Bias


A full series on the perils and pitfalls of flawed recall and memory bias for market research and other types of research and what we can do to mitigate its impact.


Dial Testing Group vs Focus Group: How Are They Different?


Imagine you were giving a presentation, a legal argument or a speech, and wanted to understand how an audience felt about it. If the stakes are high, then putting a focus group together isn’t out of the question. But if a focus group is an option, why not a dial testing group? This post examines the differences between how each of these groups is conducted, the methods employed, and what insights can be gained from each of them.

Word Games: Putting a Method Behind the Words You Choose


In our line of work, we’re constantly reminded that words have a profound impact on how we form our opinions and preferences. That’s a topic discussed in detail in an article by Mike Seccombe of “PowerHouse.” Seccombe cites numerous examples of how “linguistic sleights of hand” are important tactics in England’s political power struggle. Per Seccombe, “One political person’s ‘refugee’ is another’s ‘asylum seeker,’ is another’s ‘illegal,’ is another’s ‘boat person’ or ‘queue jumper.’” Whether its politics or policy, litigation, sales or marketing, putting a method behind the words you choose to use can make the difference between winning and losing.

DIAL.LOG Blog: Expert Jury Consultant “Handpicks” Dialsmith for Dial Testing Mock Juries


Here’s our next installment of, “Perception Analyzer Around the World,” the series where we highlight innovative use cases of our Perception Analyzer dials. This time, we follow the dials into the field of litigation consulting. With 32 years of experience supporting civil and criminal litigation, Dr. Laurie Kuslansky is a highly regarded jury consultant and key partner to litigation teams of many Fortune 500 companies. A key part of her methodology, Perception Analyzer dials allow Laurie to gather instantaneous, discreet feedback from mock jurors.