Dialsmith and ISX proud to be part of Rob Dyrdek’s
Street League Skateboarding™

Rob Dyrdek’s Street League Skateboardingwas just announced and Dialsmith is proud to be a part of it by providing real-time scoring and stats with our co-developed ISX – Instant Scoring eXperience™ system. As stated in the announcement:

“…Street League™ brings with it the exclusive use of the instant scoring technology, ISX (Instant Scoring eXperience™), to the world of skateboarding. Using real time scoring and an exciting proprietary format, Street League™ will tell a compelling story about each skateboarder’s performance and will have fans on the edge of their seats from the first trick to the very last.”

Dyrdek and Street League have exclusive rights to ISX for street skating. For other applications, ISX has been designed to provide scoring solutions for nearly any form of judged sporting or reality events.