Dialsmith Discoveries | Best of the Buzzworthy Super Bowl Ads

Welcome to the next installment of our Dialsmith Discoveries series—where we put our own Dialsmith research tech to the test to tackle a timely but not-so-serious question that has befuddled humanity for decades, or maybe years, or perhaps hours. In our previous segments, we explored America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Pie (yum!) and Favorite Holiday Movie Moment (ahhhh!), but today’s Discovery is truly, well… Super. It’s the time of year when America’s biggest competition reaches its apex. We’re of course talking about the Super Bowl ads. This is actually our 6th year running of analyzing the Super Bowl ads using our unique survey and dial testing tools.

This year, we focused our attention on a group of pre-released ads that were garnering a ton of buzz in the lead up to the Big Game. And because the only thing people like to digest more than nachos and chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday are infographics, we put together the fancy one below to show you how are Best of the Buzzworthy testing turned out. So, put on your fan gear, grab a slice of ‘za, and dig in to the results of our Best of the Buzzworthy Big Game Ads by clicking on the infographic image below.

Got a hunger for even more Super Bowl ad analysis and discussion? Catch Dialsmith CEO David Paull talking about the buzz, trends and analysis of this year’s ads here (KGW News at Sunrise) and here (Research Business Daily Report panel).