Dialsmith Tech Makes News in The New York Times (Again!)



ISX Scoring helps power the unique competitive format that’s led to Street League’s success and popularity.

Less than a month ago, we blogged about The New York Times piece that profiled the use of the Perception Analyzer dials by Broadway director Ken Davenport as he enlisted audience members in providing real-time feedback during the world premiere of his musical “Somewhere in Time.”

Well, The Times is at it again. This time, the Dialsmith technology profiled was ISX Scoring–the real-time scoring system at the heart of the breakthrough competition format used by Street League Skateboarding. The article gives some historical perspective on Street League’s growth and how the League’s breakthrough competitive format and instant trick-by-trick live scoring have led to it’s increasing popularity.

So, for those counting (okay, we’re probably the only ones counting…) that’s two NYT articles in the past month discussing Dialsmith technology. Not sure that constitutes a trend but we must be doing something right.

Check out the ISX Scoring website for more info on the technology, co-developed by Dialsmith and Media X, and how it’s being used by Street League Skateboarding and other action sports.    .