Dialsmith Code Strikes Chord with KGW

KGW office with Dialsmith Code poster

The Dialsmith Code poster is now a central piece of the decor at KGW
(you’ll notice it there on the wall hanging above the Emmy.)

A few weeks ago, we did a blog post about the Dialsmith Code which featured a Q&A with our CEO and ‘Code’ creator David Paull. Well, since we went public with the Code and the Code poster, we’ve received some really positive feedback about it from clients, partners and others. One of those ‘others’ happened to be our local NBC-affiliate KGW.

Last month, KGW Business Reporter Joe Smith paid a visit to the Dialsmith office to gather background for a business feature he did on the company (a very well done piece BTW — in case you missed it). During the visit, Joe spotted the Code poster and loved it. We hooked him up with one and he contacted us a few days later asking for more. Seemed the Code and the poster were a big hit, so much so, that the station’s President and General Manager DJ Wilson decorated her office with it. So, we asked DJ what she liked about the poster and why the Dialsmith Code had made such an impression on her and the KGW team. Here’s what she had to say:

Joe shared with me the poster that you
developed and it really struck a chord with me. All truly great companies strive to build the culture that
was so beautifully captured in the narrative on your poster. 
Like you, we
are a group of professionals with great aspirations and having a meaningful
(and fun!)  way to express that in our environment on a daily basis is
great.  We intend to display it throughout our facility as a constant
reminder of the culture we strive for everyday.

Want to share your thoughts on the Dialsmith Code or request a poster for your wall? Email me at brian@dialsmith.com.