Storytelling: New Science Is Enriching An Ancient Art

[Shoutout to the Greenbook Blog for publishing the original article on this topic authored by Dialsmith Founder & CEO David Paull]

storytelling and market research

Okay, I admit this is a refresh of a blog post we published about two years ago. At that time, discussing storytelling in the context of market research still seemed cutting edge and new. That’s certainly not the case today. But that doesn’t mean that storytelling isn’t just as relevant today, if not more so, than it was when David’s article was first published on the Greenbook Blog back in September 2015. In fact, storytelling continues to be a key driver for market researchers both in the form of helping clients develop, refine and deliver stories that delight and engage their audiences, and in the form of research reporting, packaging and delivering insights in a meaningful and impactful way.

That being the case, I think the Greenbook post deserves another run as David provides a nice round-up of expert opinions on this topic as well as offering up a few good takes of his own. Here’s a taste:

As much as effective storytelling is about communicating the right material in the right way, it’s also largely about what’s selectively left out. Kristin Luck, serial entrepreneur and growth-hacking expert, encourages efficiency in storytelling, saying, “Applying the principles of brutal efficiency and distilling down the essence of your message both really resonate with me. Too often I see marketing and sales folks get bogged down in the details and lose the audience before they’ve communicated their message.”

Read the full article for yourself and then we’d love to hear your take on how storytelling impacts the work that you do. Comment below or send us a comment on Twitter @Dialsmith.com.