Hugh MacLeod’s Cool Idea: Daily Bizcards

Here's a cool idea…decide who you most inspire, create something unsolicited, original and cool for them, and deliver it to them in a public way. I wish this were my cool idea, but these Daily Bizcards are the brainchild of cartoonist Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid fame and author of "Ignore Everybody."

What I find most fascinating is that Hugh doesn't even personally know some (most?) of the people for whom he creates the cards. He admires them, creates a card that he feels captures their personality, then alerts them via his blog and Twitter that he's made it just for them and that he'd like to send them 100 for free.

This is a very cool idea for making connections and building relationships. Hugh is a cartoonist and he can bang these cards out in a few minutes, but he clearly takes the time to make the illustration speak to the individual and it's a damn good way to not only tell the world who he admires, but to connect directly with those people in a way that's both flattering and genuine.

So this is my tip of the hat to Hugh to thank him for getting me thinking more creatively about how I connect.