Latest on the Pre-Released Super Bowl Ads

We’ve been busily working to keep pace with the Super Bowl advertisers who have pre-released their spots. So far, so good. We have 15 ads available for viewing and rating second-by-second on our Slidermetrix VideoLink site as of this posting and more on the way.

Early returns are starting to reveal some interesting trends. The “pull at the heartstring” themed ads are repeating their success from last year provided they feel genuine. And the funny ads? Well, they better be really funny or else watch out. Case-in-point:

While Dove Soap’s Real Strength spot is a retread from last year’s
Father’s Day ad, it’s striking the right chord with viewers, especially the
guys, as illustrated by the green line above.

The joke might be on T-Mobile as not many viewers seem to be
laughing at
its spot featuring a self-deprecating Kim Kardashian.

With our fingers on the pulse of how viewers are responding to these early bird Super Bowl ads, we’ve been adding our two cents to the discussions. If you want to see what we’ve been saying, here are some links:

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Stay tuned as we continue to track the good, the not-so-good and the downright ugly, leading up to the Big Game. Be sure to follow us at @Dialsmith for the latest.