Revelations in Moment-to-Moment Research Webinar
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Obama watches VP debate on CNN from Air Force 1
POTUS is up-to-speed on the Moment-to-Moment methodology. Are you?
Source: White House photo

You may have notice that we’ve been dialing up the Webinars lately and last week’s may have been our best to-date. Our seasoned panelists discussed the ins and outs of Moment-to-Moment research for almost an hour and fielded some great questions from our attendees. If you missed the live event, don’t worry. We recorded it just for you. Here’s the link:

Revelations in Moment-to-Moment Research (length 54:49)

Three panelists each representing different approaches to Moment-to-Moment Research participated in an informative and lively discussion facilitated by Dialsmith VP Client Services Eric Alzuhn. Topics covered included:

  • The impact the Moment-to-Moment methodology is making on current research being conducted in the areas of advertising, tv programming, public opinion and politics, and consumer behavior
  • Panelist Dan Schill, PhD. discussed how the Moment-to-Moment methodology fits into CNN’s political event coverage
  • Panelist Elizabeth Merrick talked about how HSN (formerly Home Shopping Network) uses the methodology to gain deeper understanding of its customers’ buying behavior
  • Panelist Neil Griffiths offered up a successful use case for a hybrid offline/online Moment-to-Moment research approach
  • Guidance on how to best apply Moment-to-Moment tools and techniquest to achieve desired research objectives

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to Moment-to-Moment, wanting to gleam some best practices for using the method from some of the best in the business, or just hoping for one or two “Aha!” moments that might change your research approach, you’ll want to watch this one and share it with your colleagues as well.