More on Customization (II)

Today I received my SkinIt skins for my mobile phone and TiVo remote and as promised, I’m here to report back.  While the quality of the images and the vinyl they are printed on are good, the final outcome, once the skins were applied, was less than thrilling.  What I had hoped for was a way to add a cool, personal touch to my stock devices, but all I feel I now have are stickers on my phone and remote.  Granted, they are precisely cut and do fit well, but they only cover part of the devices.  For my mobile phone, for instance, there is a piece to cover the front and a piece to cover the battery on the back.  The top, bottom and sides remain exposed leaving the phone looking more “slightly covered” and less what I would envision as “skinned.” I’m not sure what I expected since cutting the vinyl to fully cover the phone would require far more engineering than simply providing for the front and back.  It’s just that the final outcome did not offer as much “cool factor” as I had hoped.

Anyway, this is probably great for teens looking for yet another way to differentiate from the herd.  For the rest of us grown-up types, it doesn’t quite deliver.  I must say, however, that I still like the idea.