New Ad Recall Stats for DVR Fast Forwarding

CBS has conducted a study that shows ad recall by DVR viewers at 23% for commercials they fast forwarded through.  While the story covering this new research does not mention what traditional ad recall is, CBS’s executive vice president-research and planning, David Poltrack, says, “You wouldn’t get that kind of recall if you asked people to watch a regular TV commercial.”

In a previous study it was shown that while fast forwarding, viewers said they  always” notice commercials 15% of the time and “sometimes” notice commercials 52% of the time.

In another previous study, 65% said they “always or sometimes” notice and 33% said they “rarely or never notice” the brands being advertised while fast forwarding.

The common thread coming from all this research is that people at least have their eyeballs on the screen when fast forwarding as opposed to them getting up and doing something else during commercials.  This is where keeping product placements and logos on the screen as long as possibly will help advertisers.

via [MediaPost]