Perception Analyzer® aids in lottery game design

The March/April edition of La Fleur’s Magazine (a lottery and gaming publication) features an article entitled Measuring Consumer Attitudes Via Traditional & Wired Channels in which Sharon Bohn (Vice President, Market Strategies, Inc.) discusses advantages of using the Perception Analyzer for lottery & gaming research as well as in other focus group settings. Key quotes from the article:

 In the traditional focus group setting, the PA [Perception Analyzer] can reduce bias and quantify the reactions of participants. The data can be used for forecasting and determining the appeal of a product to likely demographic groups.”

“The dial system actually allows you to capture quantitative information without the inherent bias of a typical focus group setting,” said Bohn. “Sometimes in traditional focus group settings one person can influence the group thinking because of their strong views.” [La Fleur’s Magazine, (March/April 2004), Page 2]