TiVo Wants to Stop Generic Use of Name

TiVo is aggressively trying to stop the use of its trademarked name as a generic term, especially as a verb, as in, “I TiVoed my favorite show last night” or, “I’m going to TiVo that tonight.”  As quoted by a TiVo spokesperson in The New York Times

‘We do aggressively protect our trademark,’ (the spokesperson said), adding that with competing digital video recorders entering the market, TiVo wants to keep its name from going the way of Xerox or Kleenex.”

I am the first one to advocate the proper use of a company’s intellectual property, especially its name.  In fact, I recently underwent a year-long battle to re-secure the registered trademarked rights to my company’s primary product after it was mistakenly allowed to lapse (don’t ask!).  However, I believe most companies would kill to have its product’s name used as a generic in its space.  Do Kleenex and Xerox not benefit from having their names used in place of their competitor’s?  Am I not more apt to grab a box of Kleenex off the shelf because my wife tells me need Kleenex, when what we really need is facial tissue?  I would think that as the market for digital (or personal) video recorders becomes much more competitive, TiVo would welcome its name being used as a adjective (i.e. TiVo-like) or verb. It means people are saying TiVo and not something else.  Rather than fight it, I say embrace it and even promote it.

Anyone agree/disagree?

via [Lost Remote]