We’re Not ALWAYS Dopes

It was just a couple of nights ago that I was watching TV and noticed how many commercials were portraying men as complete idiots. Clueless fathers, insensitive husbands, slacker employees…you name it.  Today, The New York Times takes on the topic with this article which notes, “the ‘man as a dope’ imagery has gathered momentum over the last decade, and critics say that it has spiraled out of control. It is nearly impossible, they say, to watch commercials or read ads without seeing helpless, hapless men.”

As most of you men out there will certainly attest, we are dopes a good amount of the time.  But, we are also great fathers, loving husbands and diligent employees.  I agree with Martyn Straw’s (chief strategy officer at BBDO Worldwide) statement that, “there is the notion that things that are ‘negative’ are always much funnier than ‘positive,’ which can get very schmaltzy.”  I also think creatively poking fun at people and groups can be funny and does not necessarily have be to construed as negative or “bashing” if done right.  But, this trend of railing on men seems to be getting a little old and maybe it’s time to ratchet-up the creativity once again.