Corporate Blogging Survey

There is a survey on TheNewPR/Wiki (an extension of Global PR Blog Week 1.0) on corporate blogging. Here are their questions and my answers:

1) Why do you blog for your company?

I blog as a means of providing existing and potential clients information that will be of value to them in hopes they will then want to learn more about what my company offers and either explore working with us or refer us to others when appropriate.

2) What goals did you set for the blog?

No specific goals other than to enjoy the process of blogging (which I do), provide valuable information and insights to existing clients and attract the attention of potential new ones.

3) How do you think your blog fits into your company’s communications strategy?

Quite well. We are a relatively small company and without a large marketing budget, most of our corporate communications are rather grassroots. Blogging allows for a greater reach and more flexible tone than most other mediums because I am able to reach anyone on the Internet and change my message, tone and focus at any time.

4) Tell me about the publishing mechanics of your blog. How often do you publish? How do you decide what to publish? Any special publishing techniques?

I try not to set any artificial goals so as not to post just for the sake of posting. Ideally I like to update the blog daily, but that is not always realistic. Some days there is just nothing that I would consider blog-worthy and other days I just don’t have the time. I usually decide what to publish based on what I see, read, hear, think and discuss with others on a daily basis. Based on how those things parallel with the focus and categories of my blog, I’ll decide what I think my readers and potential readers will want to see. It’s a gut-feel really and I jot down ideas all the time. Some make it into the blog and others never develop. I also try to have a balance of what I see as the three main types of posts – straight links to posts by others (where I have little or nothing of substance to add, but feel the content will be of interest to my readers), links to posts by others with the addition of my input and unique content based on items I find or topics that I think will be of interest to my readers.

5) Who writes the blog? Who contributes to the blog on a regular basis?

I am the primary writer, though others in my company do occasionally post when we are writing about something specific to their areas of expertise.

6) Have you achieved your original communications goals?

While I don’t yet have the reach I’d like, the blog is only four months old and we’re getting there. Readership is increasing daily as a result of other bloggers linking to me, me linking to them and new readers finding my blog through search engine searches of keywords and phrases that match my posts.

7) Were there any any unexpected communications or learning consequences as a result of publishing your blog?

Only that I am now able to touch people worldwide with the click of a mouse. While our website has always offered one-way contact, blogging offers two-way communication that is tremendously valuable. I am always amazed when I receive comments and emails from readers around the world who discovered my blog and have a similar point of view or, even better, a unique contrasting view. I have also personally (and professionally) benefited from the new circle of friends and acquaintances I have made through blogging.