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Financial Services Client Finds that Dialsmith Delivers More than Dials

Through our partner network, Dialsmith handpicked a research and communications consulting firm that had the right resources and experience with Perception Analyzer focus groups to meet the client’s project goals.
Dialsmith was approached by a financial services company that was interested in using the Perception Analyzer dials for brand and message testing. After discussing their project objectives, we concluded that they needed a broader range of market research and strategic communications consulting services. So, we reached into our partner network and handpicked Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQR), a research and strategy firm that had the right mix of expertise, resources and fluency with the Perception Analyzer to deliver the goods for this specific client.
To get more insight on how this partnership between Dialsmith and GQR worked and the results that came of it, I sat down with the key players: GQR Senior Associate John Garrett, GQR Analyst Phil Zakahi and Dialsmith CEO David Paull.