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Confessions of a Serial Storyteller

Storytelling Advice & Insights from Growth Hacker Kristin Luck At our core, Dialsmith is a company that helps others tell their stories more effectively and as such, we’ve always been fascinated by great storytellers regardless of their medium. So, we got pretty jazzed when we saw this recent Fast Company […]


Marketing and the Power of One Word

To marketers, the notion that every word matters, and that tweaking a word here and there can make a huge difference in how your message is received, is no huge revelation. But, in our research and consulting business we find that clients are often looking for that secret sauce to […]

SMR Goals

I’ve never been a fan of forcing silly acronyms to make something spell out a word. Lately I’ve been working on goal-setting and reading up on SMART goals. That is, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. The idea of SMART goals isn’t new and tons of reputable […]

What’s Your Window?

I used to work in high-end retail and every month HQ would send a “window stylist” to our shop to create that month’s masterpiece. And they really were. Sometimes elaborate and ornate and sometimes subtle understated. But always perfect to the last detail and eye-catching to everyone who passed by. […]


  A WHO in Blogville Who is WHO – Beth is the WHO entering the world of blogging and sharing and other thingamamusings. Beth who? Who is Beth?  Why I am an entrepreneurial spirit Who began with a Panasonic VHS camera, and VCR when I was in High School way back […]