Passwords for candy bars?

In London, a survey conducted in advance of the Infosecurity Europe trade show later this month found that 70% of people would reveal their computer login and password in exchange for a candy bar and 34% did it without any incentive.

More broadband = less TV?

While U.S. figures may be different, a recent survey of 800 European broadband users, by Strategy Analytics, revealed that 56% are spending less time watching TV since subscribing to broadband. Though it would be nice to know how much less TV they are watching (which the survey may reveal, but […]

Online BOOMers

Results from a new survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project conclude that boomers (ages 38-56) are nearly as likely to use the Internet (68%) than those 18-37 (78%) with older Americans at 34%. The key here, as pointed out by Forrester Research analyst Jed Kolko, is that […]

Perception Analyzer® aids in lottery game design

The March/April edition of La Fleur’s Magazine (a lottery and gaming publication) features an article entitled Measuring Consumer Attitudes Via Traditional & Wired Channels in which Sharon Bohn (Vice President, Market Strategies, Inc.) discusses advantages of using the Perception Analyzer for lottery & gaming research as well as in other […]

Media multitasking

The Media Center at the American Press Institute concludes that 70% of media consumers use multiple forms of media at the same time. The goal of the study was to provide “quantifiable data on consumer media behaviors as an alternative to traditional audience measurement techniques, which at best capture bodies […]

This is what we’re saying!

For years, we at MSInteractive have been saying (and our clients agree) that using the Perception Analyzer® in focus groups helps eliminate “group-think” by allowing everyone to respond to questions based on their own opinions and not be influenced by the more vocal respondents in the group. It also facilitates […]

Office Makeover Contest

Creatively capitalizing on the whole makeover trend, Xerox, in conjunction with Entrepreneur Magazine, has launched an office makeover contest. Of course, the winning office will be stocked with state-of-the-art Xerox products and Thom Filicia (from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) will help design the space. IMHO, brilliant!