Moms Online

Another Ad:Tech session partial transcript by Heath at FC Now – this one about how moms use the Internet as told by Joanne Erickson, research director for Disney Online. Key stats: According to Nielsen, there are 31 million moms online. They’re 38, tend to be married, are very smart — […]

Sounds Like a Stretch

In this post we referenced how, partially due to the proliferation of DVRs (digital video recorders), more advertisers are moving parts of their advertising dollars to media outlets other than television. Today, Lost Remote links to an article about a study that suggests 96% of DVR viewers stick through commercial […]

Mickey D’s & DVDs

Interesting test by McDonald’s to offer rentals of the top 30 DVDs (accounting for ~80% of DVD rentals) from kiosks at restaurant locations. The rental fee is $1 per day and the real beauty (in my opinion) is that a DVD may be returned to any location, not strictly the […]

Advertising – What’s To Come?

Heath over at FC Now offers a partial transcript of a panel discussion from Ad:Tech discussing the future of advertising and the issues facing television, print and online venues. Panel members were: John Battelle, visiting professor at UC-Berkeley Michael Tchong, founder of Trendscape Lenny Baker, CFA for Saloman Smith Barney/Citigroup […]

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Auto-streaming of online ads

So, I’m reading an article about how online advertising hit a Q1 record in 2004 at $2.3B, which lead me to another article about how Yahoo! feels that its “long, slow effort to educate major advertisers about Internet advertising and to get them to change their spending habits [from television […]

SkyHigh Marketing

Jennifer over at What’s Your Brand Mantra shares a very funny email she received from SkyHigh Airlines, the parody airline created by Alaska Airlines. It’s interesting to read about this today because just last night, my wife and I (both in marketing) were going nuts over the absolutely horrible ads […]

Shake It Up

I like the notions behind the so-called credo of Kevin Roberts (CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi) from a recent Tom Peters presentation. 1. Ready. Fire! Aim. 2. If it ain’t broke…Break it! 3. Hire crazies. 4. Ask dumb questions. 5. Pursue failure. 6. Lead, follow…or get out of the way! […]

Rubik’s Robot

This has absolutely nothing to do with market research, but someone invented a LEGO® robot that solves the Rubik’s Cube®. Why? I suppose because they could, and sometimes that’s a good enough reason (but not all the time). I, myself, have only solved it once and that was years ago […]

Editing Perception Analyzer® Data in Excel

Sometimes it is necessary and convenient to edit raw Perception Analyzer data in a text editor or Excel. This may be done to add data for questions that were not asked during a dial session or to edit existing dial data. The new or edited data may then be reimported […]

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Using Perception Analyzer® with USB

Many new laptops are no longer provided with 9-pin serial ports, instead using the newer, smaller and more versatile Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. However, the Perception Analyzer’s wireless interface console is a serial device. To connect the PA console to a laptop, a USB to serial converter is required. […]

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