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Confessions of a Serial Storyteller

Storytelling Advice & Insights from Growth Hacker Kristin Luck At our core, Dialsmith is a company that helps others tell their stories more effectively and as such, we’ve always been fascinated by great storytellers regardless of their medium. So, we got pretty jazzed when we saw this recent Fast Company […]

Kristin Luck - Serial Storyteller

Confessions of a Serial Storyteller – The Sequel

Though she’d never admit it, growth strategist and business consultant Kristin Luck is a rock star in the market research world. Her jam, besides helping propel companies to exponential growth, is engaging audiences through storytelling. She’s leveraged her storytelling acumen into successes as a highly regarded thought leader, keynote speaker […]

Creating Customer Connections Thru Visual Storytelling

(Image courtesy of the BufferSocial blog) If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve noticed that we’ve been covering different angles on the topic of storytelling recently, including wrapping this interesting Q&A with Market Strategy’s Derrak Richard on data visualization and storytelling. On the heels of that post, we came across this interesting Buffer blog […]

Storytelling and Data Visualization: Q&A with Market Strategies’ Senior Information Designer Derrak Richard

We’ve been covering different angles of the interesting relationship between storytelling and market research on the DIAL.LOG blog and here’s another one—visual storytelling. Market Strategies’ Derrak Richard, an expert in making data pop, recently authored a blog post offering up insights and tips on the creation and use of infographics for […]