Secret to marketing boring products

The 3 Rules for Brilliant Marketing of Boring Products

Every marketer—every one of us—has been in the position of coming up with something interesting to say about something boring. Really, really, boring. The trick is marketing the story: How does the product fit into a more universal experience? Find something real, relatable, and hopefully, something entertaining. We hereby offer […]

The Main Stage at the STORY 2017 conference

STORY 2017 Conference: Top 5 Takeaways

A conference that breaks the mold is a very good thing It’s not often that you leave a conference so impressed and inspired that you want to tell everyone about it, but that’s exactly how I feel about STORY 2017. STORY is an event for more than just creative and […]

Mystique Marketing at Supreme New York City

The holy grail of marketing is crafting an experience that others want to share. Here is my story about how mystique, 2 hand stamps and a queue on a New York City street led to a highly memorable retail experience. (Originally posted on davidpaull.com)  Mystique Marketing To the Supreme… If you’re […]

Dial testing

What is Dial Testing?

Dialsmith has been in the dial testing game for a long time. As the developer of the Perception Analyzer dial testing tools and services for focus groups and surveys, we support global clients with in-person and online research every day. However, if you’re new to dial testing, you probably have […]

Video: Improving Engagement in Online Research

With online research, participant engagement is critical. Conducing online market research offers many benefits but also a new set of challenges—participant engagement being a big one. If you’re thinking of ways to best test various forms of media (video and/or audio) online, check out this short video. It explains how […]