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Frank Luntz on CBS This Morning discussing Perception Analyzer dial testing results of Vice Presidential debate

Dial Testing Provides Instant Analysis of the VP Debate

With barely enough time to catch our breath from the first Presidential debate, it was the Vice Presidential candidates taking center stage. Dial testing focus groups were at it again, powered by our Perception Analyzer and Slidermetrix technology, and providing real-time polling and instant results that the broadcast networks used extensively in […]

Presidential debate dial testing focus group

Dial Testing Called Back into Duty to Deliver Real-Time Returns on the Presidential Debates

Next Monday night, when NBC Nightly News Anchor and Presidential Debate Moderator Lester Holt thanks the two candidates for their participation and brings to a close the first presidential debate, the early returns on the candidates’ performances will already be in; the key responses, zingers and messages will have already been […]


The Lines Are At It Again: Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Featured in Reporting of President’s State of the Union

You may have noticed those friendly lines (courtesy of The Perception Analyzer) showing up all over the place again last night and this morning as news networks and research groups studied, analyzed and reported the President’s State of the Union address. Yes, the Perception Analyzer was at it again with […]


Behind CNN’s Colored Lines: Q&A with SMU Public Opinion Researcher Dan Schill

This past October, we published a blog post on the work that Rita Kirk, Ph.D. and Dan Schill, Ph.D. have done using our Perception Analyzer dials in their role as political research consultants for CNN. The two Southern Methodist University (SMU) researchers are the brains behind CNN’s focus groups of undecided voters whose real-time reactions […]

Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer tool used by CNN researchers for 2012 Presidential Debates, Primaries, and Conventions

Continuing the trend from the 2008 presidential debates, annual State of the Union addresses, and the 2012 Democratic and Republican conventions, CNN once again turned to researchers Rita Kirk and Dan Schill from Southern Methodist University to gauge the real-time reactions of undecided voters. Using Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer dials, CNN’s […]

For the 2012 election cycle, CNN once again features the Perception Analyzer on-air

Much like during the 2008 election cycle, CNN is once again relying on the Perception Analyzer by Dialsmith to gauge real-time reactions from undecided voters in 2012. And when the President took the big stage at the Democratic National Convention, Perception Analyzer was front-and-center. CNN aired a segment of the President’s nomination […]