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quick-turn polling for 24-hr news cycle

How maslansky + partners Leverages Slidermetrix for “Quick-Turn” Online Research (Part 2)

maslansky + partners’ President Lee Carter and Media & Technology Supervisor Lee Loflin discuss the innovative tools and process that powers their quick-turn polling research. In the last presidential election cycle, Lee Carter and her team at maslansky + partners made a paradigm shift, which enabled them to turn around […]

Dial testing

What is Dial Testing?

Dialsmith has been in the dial testing game for a long time. As the developer of the Perception Analyzer dial testing tools and services for focus groups and surveys, we support global clients with in-person and online research every day. However, if you’re new to dial testing, you probably have […]

Video: Improving Engagement in Online Research

With online research, participant engagement is critical. Conducing online market research offers many benefits but also a new set of challenges—participant engagement being a big one. If you’re thinking of ways to best test various forms of media (video and/or audio) online, check out this short video. It explains how […]

online dial testing

Media-Rich Data Collection Techniques for Online Surveys: Proceed with Smarts

Emojis are Not Valid ‘Media-Rich’ Data In this recent Qualtrics post, the authors explored some potential drawbacks of media-rich data collection techniques for surveys; elements such as star ratings, emojis for emotional response, sliders, etc. Their position is that these complex elements should be minimized because not all respondents will […]